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                                            OUR OFFICIAL ROSTER      



 Rev. John Bowman ------------------------------------------------------ President    

 Rev. Ted Bradley  ----------------------------------------------1st  Vice President

 Rev. David Williams -------------------------------------------2nd Vice President

 Rev. Lafayette Veal ------------------------------------------- 3rd Vice President


 Rev. Jon Bennett ---------------------------------- Dean of Christian Education

 Dr. Virginia P. Carter &

 Sis. Helen Frazier  ----------------------------------------- Recording Secretaries

 Rev. Sharon Harrel  ------------------------------------------ Financial Secretary

 Sis. Cariola Johnson--------------------------------Assistant Financial Secretary

 Dr. John Thompson ----------------------------------------------------- Treasurer

 Sis. Stephanie Anthony ----------------------------------------------- Statistician

 TBD ----------------------------------------------------- Corresponding Secretary


                                       FINANCIAL COMMITTEE

Rev. Lafayette Veal               Rev. Sharon Harrel         Dr. John Thompson

Rev. Linda Williams               Sis. Carola Johnson        Rev. Anthony Patterson


                                       MINISTERIAL BOARD

 Rev. Henry Frazier ------------------------------------------------ Board President

                          --------------------------------------------------- Vice-President

                          --------------------------------------------- Conference Director


                                       ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF

  Sis. G. Helen Bowman                                             Rev. Linda Williams


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