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                                                 OUR  AUXILIARIES


 Bro. Samuel Preston -------------------------- Sunday School Congress President

 Bishop Earnest Mills ------------------------------------------- Brotherhood President

 Bro. Charles Ferguson ------------------------------- Benevolent Ministry President

 Rev Ted H. Bradley ------------------------------------------------- B.T.U. President

                   TBD  ----------------------------------- Evangelistic Ministry President

 Sis. Margie Daniels ------------------------------------------- Women Mission Union

 Dr. Ethel M. Hawkins ----------------------------------- Ministers & Deacons Wives

 Rev Jon Bennett ------------------------------------------- Foreign Mission President

 Sis. Betty Matthews ---------------------------------------- District Chorus President

                  TBD ----------------------------------------- Prayer/Bible Band President

 Bro. Joseph Cummings---------------------------- District Usher Ministry President


                                       CONGRESS Instructors

                                            Rev. J. Riley                   

                                         Bro. J. Cummings               



 Rev Henry Frazier ------------------------------------------------------ Chairperson

 Rev David Williams, Sr.------------------------------------------------ Co-Chairperson


                                        PUBLIC RELATIONS

 Sis. Helen Frazier ------------------------------------------------------- Editor

 Sis. Bobbery Holiday 



 Dr. Ethel M. Hawkins --------------------------------------------------- Chairperson


                                     PROGRAM COMMITTEE 

Sis. G. Helen Bowman                                                Rev. Linda Williams


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